The attack on Canada's Democracy Part 1

Canadians across the country have express their discontent for the out of control spending habits via all levels of Government. Right now, many are having to choose paying their rent or buying food. It's been made evident that Canadians are feeling the brunt of inflation that's been affecting us for the last 5 years.

In fact it's since the Liberals/NDP coalition took office under the most disliked Prime Minister in history, Justin Trudeau.

Throughout the COVID punishments our team witnessed hate, division, fascism similar to the Nazis in World War 2. Our comparison to that era is simple eugenics and forced segregation with the creation of Vaccine Passports. The stories we all share of being victimized, shunned, cancelled, for me it was just too much; And the horrific brutality our Governments used on peaceful protestors during the Freedom Convoy/Convoy For Freedom in Ottawa, all this infuriated me and many of my colleagues.

What are we doing about it?

We started to look back at what key players we're doing to see if we could create a timeline of events, functions of new introduced programs that would in other words hack our democracy and erode Canada's system. Anyone who would attempt this would leave their footsteps as would any hacker that penetrates security measures.

So, we decided to start investigating members from every level of Government. We started with Chrystia Freeland because it's confirmed by all forms of media that her family are in fact Nazi sympathizers who worked directly with Joseph Goebbels. Here's a few credible sources:

Ottawa Citizen:

Tablet Magazine:

"Freeland’s Ukrainian grandfather on her mother’s side, Michael Chomiak, did nothing of the sort. During the War, he edited Krakivski Visti, a Nazi propaganda rag in occupied Krakow that was printed on a press confiscated from a Jewish newspaper."

And as we expected Freeland got so upset she's demanding that everyone stop calling her grandfather a Nazi when in fact we now know he is:

And here's Justin Trudeau to the rescue by overstepping his authority and expelling 4 Russian Diplomats because they all provided proof that Freeland's family are indeed Nazi's

More outside political interference:

Klaus Schwab and "The World Economic Forum" connections. So we investigated every known Canadian member registered to WEF from shared sources, confirmed sources publicly available on their websites. Infiltration in Canada started at the very low levels of Government. Programs like Economic Development and Sustainability & Development programs began in the late 80's. Many of us are familiar with Agenda 21 so we decided to take a look at known members of Agenda 21 to see what these people are doing today versus what they were all doing in 1992. To our surprise things got interesting. Here are members we profiled:

Darryl Low Chow

(Current) Griffith University

Environmental Futures Research Institute 2009 - 2009

Cities Research Institute 2017 - present

In 1992, Darryl was Senior lecturer and department head of environmental planning at Griffith University. Was also a founding member of Agenda 21.

We call Darryl the "Cash Leech & Environmental Propagandist" Darryl has sucked over 8.7 million dollars in tax payer funded research grants which were baseless studies and meaningless. Much of his propaganda has been passed around the globe to other academic scholars as a source to spread the climate scam narrative we're all used to.

Mark Bekkering

(Current) Manager of Research and Policy, Environment and Energy Division, City of Toronto.

Mark is a founding member of Agenda 21. In 1992 he was Senior Policy Analyst for the region of Hamilton/Wentworth.

Mark is also part of the Visio 2020 via the World Health Organization. Also a member of the World Economic Forum.

Mark has overseen the development of the 2007 City of Toronto Climate Change and Clean Air Action Plan, the 2009 Sustainable Energy Plan, and most recently TransformTO which is part of the 2050 Agenda.

Graham Pinfield

Edinburgh Napier University

(Current) Resident Eco/Social Policies

Pinfield has been involved in projects such as gene modified research on seeds for crops. He also preaches the Agenda 21 and Climate scam on campus. In 1997 Graham came under attack by well known Scientist "Jeb Brugmann" who stated in that Pinfield's research methodology was flawed and should not be used to distort the public views which was published in "Local Environment" Journal #2. We consider Graham Pinfield an agent who pushes a false narrative based on bunk sciences. To this day, Graham pushes the Agenda 21/2050 scam within the halls of academia.

Bradley M Smith

(Current)Private Sector - Health Sciences

Bradley works in the private sector with the World Health Organization, Pfizer and Molina. And as we seen he's played a role in marketing strategies to push the COVID narrative throughout California. In 1992, Bradley was a founding member of Agenda 21 with not much of a background other than working as a head of engineering for the City of Los Angeles. He's come a long way since 1992. A key player throughout COVID. his connections to "Fortune 500" companies is one of interests that we're investigating further.

These individuals are key in spreading propaganda so that our Government can continue to take tax dollars and spend it on their "Climate Scam" message that we're all going to die. Another way of showing you the reader that we're doing our due diligence to show how things progressed from then up to now.


Agenda 21 - "Troyan EAP"

One of the most interesting things that our team investigated was regarding individuals who founded Agenda 21 and it's specialized programs such as this one: "Troyan EAP Plan". Now this program in retrospect is the base foundation of today's gender and identity politics. The development of this strategy started in 1989. The program was rolled out in 1992 with a focus to push gender based approaches in English Writing classrooms as they felt that these students matched the study criteria. In 1995 Vermont and Bulgaria rolled these out in full force. Paul Markowivitz who was the Project Director worked closely with Sasha Ignatvotski pushing the gender Equality ideology. It's purpose was to disrupt and erode old Governmental policy frameworks. This program is where it all began for Gender/Identity Politics and Lobbyists.

Throughout 2002-2017 our country was facing many challenges regarding it's "Drug/Substances Strategy" programs. They incorporated elements of the Troyan program into these programs. Anything the Liberals/NDP put their hands on takes thousands of lives.

The World Economic Forum / Global Fund Connection

In the last few months we've been profiling many members of all levels of Governments.

We believe that the information that links WEF and the Global Fund should be enough to start a investigation by the Federal Justice Department and CSIS to have the Liberal caucus investigated for high treason, money laundering, and conspiracy to erode our democratic system.

It's evident to everyone that many of our Government officials are involved in political interference in partnership with WEF. And we chased some of the money for Canadians to present a direct connection.

Let's begin with what Canadian & European authorities warned us about:

Justice Department of Canada and CSIS made aware that our political system were facing the potential of outside interference from various groups around the world. McCarthy Magazine also put forth an article stating this would affect our elections

Here's a current excerpt taken from a report by European Parliament indicating the high threat of political interference using the COVID narrative:

"From the new-scale disinformation campaigns related to COVID-19 to the cyber-attacks against public authorities entities including public health infrastructures, from the interference strategies integrating elite capture and industrial lobbying to the covert financing of political activities, from the control of academic and cultural centers to the instrumentalisation of national diasporas, our committee has been analyzing the multi-faceted and dynamic dimension of this new type of warfare whose purpose is to undermine the social cohesion and mutual trust of our European democratic societies in order to weaken them"

I believe that our cyber-security teams in Canada are compromised which allowed for the first ever real time Cyber war between Canada Unity vs Brazil, Indonesia, China, South Vietnam and Germany which took place unnoticed as truckers drove to Ottawa. With that said I took the time to show a announcement made by Canada's Federal Cyber Team which I feel basically opened Canada to cyber attacks with this statement:

"Canada remains a lower-priority target for state-sponsored cyber threat activity against democratic processes"

Another thing to add here about cyber threats and attacks to democratic processes, we all know the Revenue Canada has been compromised with ransomware attacks on a continued basis. Who's to say the information of Canadians haven't been breached? I think many have.

Liberal/MSM Media Deflection on the matter:

Liberal/Democrats deflection of political interference based mostly on Cyber intelligence focused on social media, firewall security at voter stations/online voting and also mention of voter card mailing ballots. The blame is always deflected to Russian, Iran, Hezbollah interference because it's always been a view of the democrats that these factions/countries are their enemies with rhetoric from dinosaurs of the Cold War era.

They warned us, let's move on to "The Global Fund"


The Global Fund

Global Fund's "Executive Director" Peter Strands

Sands has served on various boards and commissions, including as Lead Non-Executive Director of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom, a Director of the World Economic Forum and Co-Chairman of Davos, Governor of the United Kingdom’s National Institute for Economic and Social Research, Member of the International Advisory Board of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Member of the Browne Commission on Higher Education Funding in the United Kingdom, Member of the China People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign People’s Global CEO Council, Co-Chair of the UK-India CEO Forum, Board Director of the Institute of International Finance, Chairman of the International Monetary Conference, Member of the International Advisory Board of Lingnan University, China, Trustee of the Camden Roundhouse, London.

WEF/Global Fund Connection:

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2002.

Trudeau laundering tax payer money to WEF via Global Fund under the guise of fighting AIDS, TB & Malaria: -> Question to ask yourselves, why are billions of our money sent to Global Fund when we're all struggling in Canada.

At the Seventh Replenishment Conference in September 2022, Prime Minister Trudeau pledged CAD 1.21 billion for 2023-2025 – a 30% increase from its previous pledge of CAD 930.4 million for the Sixth Replenishment (covering 2020-2022). Since 2020, Canada has contributed CAD 125 million to the Global Fund’s COVID-19 response, with an additional CAD 100 million in September 2022 as part of its Seventh Replenishment pledge.

Canada hosted the Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment Conference in September 2016. The country brought together leaders from around the world for the conference in Montréal, Québec, to raise funds and support the Global Fund in its efforts to end HIV, TB and malaria as epidemics.

Pledges and contributions

Data updated on: 20 July 2022

Cumulative Total pledged CAD 3.89 billion and US$100.01 million Total contributed CAD 3.56 billion and US$100.01 million Sixth Replenishment (2020-2022) Total pledged CAD 1,055.4 million Total contributed CAD 721.5 million


To the readers; It's much to take in but everything is a fact here. Part 2 of this story will feature profiled information regarding Chrystia Freeland, Justin Trudeau and members of Government. Also some insights about mainstream media disinformation regarding Freedom Convoy organizers and donors, we will reveal the sources of Global News "Rachel Gilmore" who played a key role for the Liberals to spread disinformation.

Jason LaFace

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