Tamara Lich granted bail with strict conditions.

Today Justice Johnston gave his decision regarding Tamara Lich's bail review. According to information obtained via her lawyer's twitter account of David Anber, Tamara's conditions are pretty strict in terms of the charges laid. Here's Tamara's bail conditions:

Tamara's condition: David Anber, Criminal Lawyer

Cash bail deposit not required $20,000.00 bond (Surety) $5,000 bond (Tamara) Leave ottawa in 24 hours Leave Ontario in 72 hours Report to police Reside as directed No contact with co accused No social media No protesting COVID Surety to monitor devices Not to allow people to post messages on behalf Attend Court as required Not attend Ontario except for Court and meetings with counsel

It's safe to say we can all admit that the balance of Justice in Canada is severely broken. During COVID19 in cities like Greater City of Sudbury in Northern Ontario released people who we're charged with offences such as attempted murder whereas a women slashed the throat of her friend. Yet a petty crime of "mischief" is treated far worse. This entire court case when it begins will see a new chapter of political interference to set an example of the Canadian hammer coming from the Liberals caucus of lunacy. Maybe Candace Bergen is right in saying to PM Justin Trudeau that his caucus lives in the dark ages of nonsense peoplekind.


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