Ontario Health - What's going on?

For the last couple years many of us Freedom advocates have questioned the validity of reported deaths, infection cases, ICU admission and so on. We've challenged every step of the way. When our governments asked us, "Please, we just need 2 weeks to curb" which turned into 2.5 yrs of nonsensical mandates. Today we have more backdoor or secretive maneuvers going on which Ontarians really need to know about.

Today I was sent this document from a reliable source and I confirmed with 2 local Practitioners here in Sudbury whom both confirmed they received the same document from the Ontario Ministry of Health. When you read this over it's obvious that our Government is still up to it's old bag of tricks. Why are we still going after the unvaccinated? Does it really matter? And to think they want to send unvaccinated individuals for re-education? Doesn't this all sound familiar? I sure remember learning about Hitler's Germany with the same tone and rhetoric.

While I was in a group chat this evening, one of our friends comments a screenshot of an article from Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun.


The article was discussing how the number of deaths from COVID19 was much lower than previously counted. I want to jump in here for a moment because when COVID19 was first reported to spread, mainstream media was terrorizing the population with insane numbers of deaths. I decided to call family in Italy & NY to find out if what the media was saying was true. My own family telling me that mainstream media are lying about Italy, liyng bout the mass graves in NY. From that point on all of us just started to keep up with as much truth and lies out there as we could. The lies, i would say more of putting the fear of God in you to believe a psyop for $ and control. So it's to no surprise now that the truth is coming out.

There's opportunities for Freedom advocates right now, for those of you who are leaders. We need all of you to apply in the Municipal & Provincial elections coming up. We can make change together and finally let the voices of the "People" be heard.


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