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Many know I've been taking time to extensively research corruption within the halls of Government. Whether it's Municipal to Federal it affects every Canadian across the country.

Today I decided to write this entry and present to you some evidence on where/how Canadian tax dollars are spent. Some colleagues have shared information with me that I believe every Canadian should know about.

First we cover the lavish spending that is causing inflation by the Liberal/NDP Governments.

This report explains our Governments spending habits for media advertising:



2020 to 2021

Download PDF • 2.46MB

In this report we wanted to see how much money was being thrown into Social Media marketing. A few things came up in the report which caught my eye:

  1. There's 3 categories which are sketchy. "Out of Home", "Display Programmatic", & "Display Non-Programmatic" which accounts for approx. 32 million dollars. The problem I have with this is Programmatic takes in a huge chunk of money for video ads? YouTube ads on video basically. -> 12 million dollars just for YouTube ads. Anyone with a brain and knows about SEO/YouTube placements knows you can be much more effective for so much less. If music artists are pushing less in placements and everyone knows WHO they are, we can surely tell you that this is nonsense spending being covered up.

  2. Now here's where the lunacy gets better, "Non-Programmatic" is described as such in the report here: Page 27: "Display advertising purchased through direct buys where media suppliers receive insertion orders or contracts and billing takes place between the suppliers and the AOR." The stupidity of this nonsense is it's all the same thing. What the Government has done is created fictious labels to make Canadians believe the spending is justified? Again, anyone with a sense of SEO knowledge will tell you this is nonsense.

  3. "Search Engine" marketing 5 million dollars per year? Another lie. The actual annual costs for this should only be a small fraction of this allotted budget. Try in the range of MAYBE 100k per year.

  4. "Social Media" clocks in at 19 million and change per year. It's interesting that Social Media giants would charge so much when many who are direct marketers in entertainment who get the majority of listeners, viewership, engagements are far more popular in terms of mainstream audiences. An example of this to expose their scam is simply go look at their engagement on all platforms. If so much money was being spent, the outcome of responses on posts etc would work for them however the case is, Canadians are full of outrage on all Government platforms showing how mad they are. If anyone wants to know, you can buy likes, rt's, fb views, shares, comments for a very very small fraction than 19 million dollars. Like this site:

  5. "Out of Home" section is another 5 million in annual spending. But here's two explanations in the report which describes what "Out of Home" means. "Advertising in various media outside of people’s homes, such as billboards, signs, advertisements on street furniture like bus shelters or benches, in-transit areas like airports or train stations, location-based advertisements like at a stadium, as well as cinema. " and "Out-of-home: The predominant language of each province, except for cinema, which is based on the proportion of screens in each language, in each province or market." I'm curious if many of you readers can understand what exactly this all is? For me, it sounds like a made up excuse/label to describe outsourcing advertisers to justify nonsense spending again.

Now I'm going to be real as I can on this subject because over the last 20 years this is something I'm very familiar with, in the past I've managed over 100 companies with their social media platforms, marketing, scheduling, creatives, and online guerilla marketing. What our Government is doing with this report is flat out lies and cover up. Since Trudeau got into power, his caucus has blatantly broken ethics laws, they even created the system so they could get away with crimes.

I'll leave you with this link from the Fraser Institute. They clearly show the out of control spending habits by Trudeau's caucus.

As we go on, I'll be writing more articles exposing what the Canadian Government is doing to all of us. Factual information without jumping down the rabbit hole.

Much love


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