Canada Unity sponsors CFR's Tune of the day #1

Today we begin #TuneOfTheDay! united with Canada's Freedom Radio!

Today's pick is brought to you by Canada Unity's Sandra & James.

#NowPlaying TOTD #1 "Lianna Klassen - A Song For Canada"

#Canada #FreedomRadio #ASongForCanada

About Lianna Klassen:

Lianna Klassen is a Vancouver-based mixed media artist and an award-winning musician. After a long and successful career in music, Lianna began to teach herself the art of painting. She has a special passion for abstract realism, and 6 years ago she began working as an artist full-time. One of Lianna's greatest achievements to date is her series "Through the Valley of the Shadow", in which she journaled her story of breast cancer. It is a raw and intimate collection that challenges, inspires and captivates the viewer. Her work has been exhibited in a number of galleries and venues in Western Canada, and is featured in collections in Europe, Asia, the UK and North America.

Visit Lianna's Official Website:

Albums available in the Apple Music Store

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