Are businesses above the law when mandates are gone?

As the Federal Government drags it's feet to lift all measures and bring Canada back to normalcy, there's been great debate about Provincial Governments upcoming mask mandates being lifted. Recently I watched Durham Region's School Board vote on mask mandatory mask mandates even though Doug Ford announced they'd be lifted. For me personally i just see it how it is. Those who are in so much fear in their lives want to keep the charade of lunacy going whereas they'll do anything right now as a last ditch attempt to get laws/bylaws passed. Totally ridiculous when it's "We vs hypochondriacs & germaphobes" We just all need to stop the nonsensical theater of the "Covidian" drama.

Over the last week my wife and I have been sifting through articles, social posts and various tidbits of information on companies and organizations who refuse to listen to the law and just force people to do things they simply don't need to do. Yet on the other hand if you think about it; it could be served as a safe place for these folks and at the same time we can pray they wake up.

On a good note though, we can learn to accept that these places want to think they're above the law imposing such sanitary fascist measures for customers, staff & the likes. With that said, these so called "business owners" should really think just what kind of effects it will long term on the pocket book. It's going to cost them huge. We just list their company and share the info with friends, family & colleagues.

In conclusion to tonight's article/blog entry, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated in the convoy and freedom protest in Ottawa. Many of you are still out there banging on the doors of Freedom which simply amazes me and continues to give me that drive of encouragement to keep fighting with you great human beings. There's so much going on with the Ukraine situation and yes i feel for all innocent lives taken over nonsensical war machines. Let's us remind ourselves that what's reported by media isn't the truth. I personally do not support war at all and i really think Canada should stay out of this mess. I pray for all families affected out there.

Lets keep standing firm, hold the line and continue to fight for all our freedoms. Many challenges law before us which we Canadians are resilient to win the fight.


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