Base Camps

Delta Camp

Available camp sites: TBD

Check-in between 9:00AM to 6:00PM

To get into this camp, fill out the registration bellow & drive to the Surrey - Chevron, 18438 16 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 9W7 stop found on the route map page (Click Here)


Please be self-sufficient. Do not expect funding. We do have a funding option, however, we cannot guarantee that funds will be available for everyone at this time.


You will NOT get into camp unless you are pre-registered. Camps are not operating at capacity and spaces are limited. Our "Adopt a BearHugger" program is still being developed. We ask that participants provide their own accommodations until the camps and housing program are operational.


In order to protect camp locations and land owners, please refrain from using media to reveal camp locations. Please respect the privacy of others.



1/  Register by filling our application form

Simply enter the information required via our form application the proceed to step 2.


2/  Email us the following

In order to approve your application, you must provide:

 - A copy of your Driver's license

 - Proof of Insurance

 - Photo of license plate

 - Photo ID for all adults attending with you

Subject of your email: "Your Full Name" 

Email to:

Let's get started!


Violence ONLY begets violence.

In the event of violence, threat of violence, disengage and inform an officer.

Be kind and respectful towards your fellow Canadians & International supporters.

We're working with authorities to help ensure public safety, we ask that all individuals be on their best behavior while spreading the message of unity, love & forgiveness.

The Canada Unity Freedom Convoy condemns ALL hate symbols. Individuals who are expressing messages of HATE and division are NOT members of the BearHug movement. Individuals who incite hate or violence DO NOT represent the values of Canada Unity & BearHug participants.

  • To keep the camp safe, clean, and to protect the owner’s land, we ask that you register before staying overnight.

  • Please sign insurance waiver on site.



  • Please clean up after your dog, and place waste bag in garbage bags provided. We will have families and kids playing, please be respectful.

  • Pets must be leashed within the direct camp area.

  • Dogs who are not friendly with children are asked to be left home, or alternate arrangements made.


Vehicles and campers

  • All vehicles must park as directed as there will parking strategies for those who are staying long term, and those who are not.

  • All vehicles and trailers must be insured.

  • All extra fuel must be stored in designated areas. Please label your jugs.


Land usage and respect

  • Smokers please use butt buckets provided, and leave NO butts on the ground.

  • When fire season arrives, all smoking MUST be done in designated areas.

  • Do not cut down branches or use wood on the land without express consent from the owner, via the village captain.

  • All fires must be in rim pits, or rock pits provided. Fires must stay within code, which at this moment is 2’ in height.

  • No fireworks.

  • Please pitch in to help keep the camp clean, safe, and a welcoming environment. Abuse towards the village captain, or other village occupants, will not be tolerated and you will be asked to make other arrangements.

  • Children are not to wonder property away from the camp as there could be hazards.

  • Gate will be locked at 10pm and the village captain will reopen in the morning, or open upon request.

  • No weapons on site.

Thanks for submitting!

Donations given in person should be handed to an official Bear Hug volunteer wearing a green lanyard saying "BearHug 2.0 B.C. Chapter", it will also have the location they are volunteering from.